Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera Head of the Directorate AATechnoWorld Research Institute, he is basically from Odisha one of the state in the Eastern region of this sub-continent, by profession he is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in avionics system also he is doing some research work in various fields of science & technology to nurture his passion for which he has received overseas opportunities for his research on Graphene Nanotube Technology and to represent his research work on ancient science of Aeronautics in Germany and Milan (Italy), respectively.

After getting recognized by the TechnoSpark team the team leader Mr. Ayeshkant Jena advised him for own startup in a very rudimentary way, to make his experience from the grass hood level. All these happened in class 9th while there was no such concept of research org in his mind.

But the interest & the intelligence of the person, whom we see as AKB drove him to establish the organisation what we see today growing rapidly like never before. In 2011 he started this organisation with hand full of his friends named as Mr. Anshuman, Miss. Aradhana, Mr. Arif, Mr. Satyajit & more then they named their team as The Mighty Club. Under the guidance of Mr. AKB his team members establish a book which encompasses the factors & guidelines to run the entire institution with less amount of friction. Now the book is well known as THE BOOK (Best Of Our Knowledge)


His life almost always full of intensive activities like when he was in class 7th, he took part in an conference as this one is his first ever seminar, on the occasion of astronomy day at Dhenkanal Regional Science Centre that was the most worst experience of stage fear & fear of addressing of the gathering, but after such happening he committed to be never ever witness of such kind of circumstances any more in his life.

And that commitment is now can be seen in his various conferences & seminars throughout the country. In 2014 during his 12th college pre test examination he has gone for a 7 days conference titled as the All Odisha Teachers’ Meet in which the he answered the thousands of the gathering all day long on the subject of technological development & India where we are.

Actually that part of the conference was organized by the govt. of Odisha & the chairperson of the event is well known to Mr. Ashis , those days Mr. AKB was working with Su-Din Technology as his organisation was still striving because after schooling all of his friends left him for their own study circle as the Might club was just a science fiction event of their life but the spirit of doing something great was just burning inside the hidden entrepreneur. In that Teachers Meet he took some of his hand made Aircraft models to show how the plane works but the team leader of Su-Din Technology humiliated him by saying ‘you know nothing about this damn aircraft’. These words are like still buzzing in his mind after completion 12th.

In 16th Feb of 2015 Mr. Anil Prusty owner of Su-Din technology came to know qabout the ambitious idea of the Mr. Ashis with his own Organisation, at that moment Mr. Anil enlighten him about the crowed of Entrepreneurs in India, so he advised him to rename the organisation which will give a direct indication to the owner of it. So on that day Mr. AKB named this organisation As AATechnoWorld Research Institute which means Ashis And TechnoWorld Research Institute.

He completed 12th with very unexpected result which makes him very frustrated but one of his teacher named as Mr. Sachitra Kar told him that you have started something great & you must take this fire to its destination, to enlighten the world with the glory of knowledge & enthusiasm.

nd here the person took a new birth one whom we see today, right after such adversity, he too admission in Utkal Aerospace & Engineering in Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha, in Avionics Department.

From the date of his joining 29th july 2015 everyone in his class & even his seniors get to know the extraordinary capability of this new student, he flabbergasted almost every one with his knowledge but the same issue he never like the pattern of examination not because he never scored much but whatever he learned he grasp it with its entirety so he completed almost all subjects of Avionics system in just a period of 8 month & he started learning about the mechanical part the Aerospace Technology thus his fiends named him as Avio Mech AKB, in college time he often found doing Mechanical Aircraft Practical with his Mechanical batch Students.

Like this he completed his engineering & started his journey towards the entrepreneurship in which his mother helped him a lot in terms of Financially & Emotionally like making the Website of the Organisation then for the Registration of the of the Organisation.

After engineering he took membership of Society of Aeronautical Engineers founded by Miss. Aeswariya Dhaar, then like he started attending Conferences & seminars throughout the country like the way he thinks & he planned before in 2018 he almost completed one complete circle of the southern part of India by attending such programs.

After fulfilment of all legal process of registration of he did many numbers of seminars in Bhubaneswar & attended so in the country. In the late 2017 he paid attention to the most genius inventor of the era of electricity named as Mr. Nikola Tesla, who encourage him in such a way that , Mr. AKB is now completely devoted to the pending & undone research projects of Nikola Tesla like Death Ray & Rainbow experiments.

By getting into such diverse life style, here the time came when the spirituality entered in his life style because he get influenced by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev while returing from Karla after his conference, he visited to the Isha Yoga Centre & the essence of the yoga & blissfulness of the Ashram drove him in an ecstatic mode of Joyfulness.

While he was in Bangalore for a meeting program for the tie-up with one Aerospace company, he got a new friend who is very much likely the way Mr. Ashis is, both of them shares a lot of experience of their own life.